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                    The skeptics make science, the skeptics of science make ignorance


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Open science is your site, that you are a novice, an inspired amateur or an imaginative professional.
Be you eager to discover the roots of our physical world?

Do you want to develop your imagination, by pressing you on the knowledge and the questions of the modern science? 
Do you want to discover the main part on the methane transformation into diamonds on Neptune, on the functioning of a star, on the origin of Life,
on the strange phenomenas inside a black hole, on the enigma of the black mass, on the origin of our constellations, on the history of eclipses?
Do you want to get all this, without  technical details, without prerequisites but with accessible explanations?
Then go through the already existing files and be made an idea by yourself.
This site will allow you to acquire a good first level of knowledge on a not-restricted set of scientific domains.
It has vocation to be federative, legible by all and opened to participants who contribute to its thematic enlargment.
The contributions are classified by domains.
These texts were presented during conferences aiming at the information and at the scientific
broadcasting or constituted articles of reviews on specific subjects.

The science aims to disclose the mécanisms beyond phénomena . Models are elaborate like grid to the reality, most of them mathematics and so quantifiable models to approach the physical reality. But reality can only be sampled through experiences. As a result we can only attribute a degree of truthness to the several models. Most of them are so eliminated, keeping only the one more probable waiting new facts so that it will be better confirmed, eventually amended or  directly rejected to be replaced with a new model covering more phenomenas.